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Wednesday, April 22

Delightfully Girly

Photographed by Marcus Ohlsson, styled by Sofie Dillon, copyright 2009

No lingerie ensemble is complete without marabou slippers - especially these! How cute!

5 fabulous comments:

g. said...

Love these! Thanks so much for visiting me! This i gorgeous!

à la parisienne said...

What a fun, sexy, and beautiful blog you have! My husband would probably actually want me to blog more if I got more interested in sexy lingerie;)

jamie clare said...

i saw you left me a comment on one of my older posts, and i am SO glad i looked back! your blog is fantastic. lingerie is so important - - - completely the foundation of a woman's wardrobe. and all the pieces you spotlight are so flawless, feminine, and darling.

i will be coming back to visit!

down and out chic said...

wow, i feel like there's no way i could pull those off, but i kind of want to try!

freeTEYme said...

so cute!